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We take care of all aspects of pool building there is! From an idea, to planning, to building, to giving your pool those unique eye-catching finishes.
We can advise you what is required for your individual project, an estimated timescale, and the approximate pricing to build your desired pool…. and we don’t stop at only building residential pools, we build commercial pools too!

Whatever the pools size or shape, Ignite Pools has the ability to build what is required and have your home or resort looking its absolute best.


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What we can offer

We understand that everyone’s pool desires and requirements are different, which is why we offer a tailored pool design specific to what you want. No swimming has to look the same.

Ranging from a basic above ground rectangular pool, to an in-ground multi-curved rock pool with waterfalls, water features, and a side attached jacuzzi. There is no limits to what you may want, so there is no limits to what we can build.

Your pool, your way!

Project takeovers

At least once a month, we hear from an enquiry that someone either tried to save money by building the pool themselves, which didn’t exactly go to plan, or they put their time, effort, and hard-earned money into a team who did a very poor job.

In situations like this we have been asked to take over the project, get our own professional team on site, and build the pool that the customer originally hoped for, and the pool they expected to receive. In construction, doing things the ‘cheaper’ way can often lead to doing things twice. Or even leading to disasters.

Our team have many years of pool building experience behind them, so you know your pool is in safe hands!

Send us an enquiry today and see what we can do for you!